Johnny Parry has a huge wealth of experience producing other peoples music. He’s worked with a large number of artists, in a wide range of musical styles, to help them realise their musical and artistic visions; from classical to pop.

    Johnny loves to work collaboratively with artists, providing honest creative feedback in a way which helps artists reason about what they are trying to achieve artistically, and where they might want to refine their work to better deliver that. His skills as a composer and arranger can also be employed to further grow your tracks.

    As an engineer, and with access to phenomenal session musicians, Johnny is perfectly placed to be the creative partner you need, to take your whole album from an idea to a completed, recorded work.

    If you’d like to start a conversation with Johnny about your latest project, please fill in the form below.

    Previous Projects

    The Grubby Mitts: EP, Singles ‘Standard’, ‘To A Friends House’

    The Grubby Mitts: Album ‘What The World Needs Now’..’

    The Black Maria Memorial Fund: Album ‘…loves you’

    Betty Frances: Mini Album ‘Eau De Nata’

    Ricky Leach:  Mini Album ‘Yonic Totem’

    Joff Lincoln: Album ‘Heartless Road’

    Joff Lincoln: Album ‘Hold Your Breath”

    Jon Redfurn: ‘Maybe Sometime’

    Danny Moore: EP ‘Debut’

    Karl Stevens: Album “Karl Stevens”

    Grubby Mitts: Album “What the world Needs Now…”

    Grubby Mitts/Buzzard Lope: “Come on Home For Christmas”

    Sunsinger/Simon Gutteridge: “Lighthouse Man”, “Jolene”

    Davypoo: Album “00”