Johnny Parry is a skilled composer and arranger, creating vast soundscapes for his own music and producing parts for a host of other musicians. He specialises in piano and chamber style string, brass, and voice; but also leverages other instruments to produce the emotional connection required for the piece.

    If you’d like to start a conversation with Johnny about your next project, and how he can help take your music to the next level, please use the form below to contact him.

    Previous Projects

    Christian Webb: “Earth of Lies” & “When”

    Rebecca De Winter: Album ‘And other Tales’  

    Fe Salomon: ‘An Intuition’

    Eyelash: ‘White Trash’ ‘Sleeping Alone’  

    Amy Leader: ‘Debut’

    Someday Jacob: ‘Useless Light’, ‘Home-run’

    Luke Tuchscherer: ‘You get so alone sometimes it just makes sense’

    Danni Nicholls: ‘Between The River and the rail way’, for The Bedford Arts Choir

    Buzzard Lope: ‘Fag Ash Crow’ for the Bedford Arts Choir

    Jonny Mud: ‘Trust’ for the Bedford Arts Choir

    Joff Lincoln: ‘I have seen too much’ for the Bedford Arts Choir

    Davypoo: ‘Rollertape’

    Robert Carl Blank: ‘Mystery Tour’