July 2011 - Live at Breminale Music Festival, Germany

July 2011 - Live at Kino, Screen 2, Osnabruck, Germany
big buttinski montage copy

April 2011 - Live at Cafe Oto for the Dan Cox Memorial Concert

More Love & Death Available in Northern Europe shops, Feb 2011
released through & Cargo
Link for itunes northern europe...


Plans for the Chamber Orchestra...

JP: The Chamber Orchestra is ever expanding to a faster, harder more formidable machine. Armed with some terrific new musicians, notably a small choral section and percussionists, a new set of reinterpreted tracks from all our albums is to be unveiled. Dates for UK and Northern Europe to be announced soon. We also are plotting a live DVD.

Also in the pipe line is an album for strings, vocals and small bits of percussion. It is a body of work that I have been working on since pre Songs Without A Purpose and has often seemed like it would never be finished. In truth it still isn't, but regardless is to be recorded as a live session early summer in a Church in rural Bedfordshire. The album will be tracks chosen from a set of around thirty string based pieces, two of which have already snuck away from the herd and onto More Love & Death:
Fields & Birds & Things and The Wonderful Adventures of Lucy & I.
So for all you string players out there who are fed up of being under-worked and overpaid please do get in touch.

The second project is a spoken word piece. Since I first started in music I have always wanted to write an underscore for a reading, specifically something narrative-based. Sorting through the belongings of my step-grandfather following his sad passing last Autumn, I discovered the perfect starting point: some writings in which he regales his experiences as a young boy in Germany just prior to the Second World War. A document of childhood memories, in many ways relatable to any upbringing. Yet these words are also inevitably infused with the complex social tensions that accompanied the rise of the Nazi party and the country's divide. To help understand more about this time and place I will make the work in Germany with the help of our German label, Songs & Whispers. Not unlike my first record Break Your Little Heart, I will find players as I travel, allowing the music to evolve with the circumstances of the project.

Feb 2011
4/5 "Extraordinary!", German speaking edition

10th Feb
Comedian Tom Allen chooses "Men Will Hang" as his song of choice whist being interviewed on amazingradio

7th FEB, 3pm
Men Will Hang on...

To watch clips of shows and visuals...

For those of you familiar with our project you will be aware of our band's wonderful soprano singer Donna Lennard (the artist formally know as Donna Loomans).
She has recently had a website created for all her projects. Please visit... or click on the image below.
Queen of the night

Bremen Sendesaal....
pict 181

All written in German...
Sendesaal Press release
Pre concert review of Sendesaal perfomance
Blog article written about concert at Big Buttinski in Osnabruck
Tracks will be played on Rock Nach 10 Nordwestradio 09/12/2010 10pm
Three tracks are on ottic FM, playlist 39

Special "Songs and Whispers" Concert at Sendesaal Bremen 11.12.2010
flyer_sendesaalspecial hinten

Live at Wysing Arts Center, Be Gad The Song Has No End Festival

11th Sept
the Chamber Orchestra will be playing at Wysing Arts Center as part of this special festival which explores the results of Artists who have turn their hand to Music


Rambler Review of Old Vic Tunnels gig

Our tunnels concert is critics choice in this months Timeout

Chamber Orchestra at the Old Vic Tunnels weekend
Left to Right - The Whybirds (Ben Haswell, Dave Banks, Taff Thatcher, Luke
Tuchscherer), Johnny Parry, Ben Milway, Dave Lynch, Anne-Marie Kirby, Ed
Bruggermeyer, Roger Illingworth, Andrea Tweedale, Naomi Watts, Bertie Anderson,
(Hidden behind speaker George Young, Jenny Hird, Rosie Middleton)

Left to right - Donna Loomans, Jenny Hird, Ben Milway, Zoe Robertson, Johnny Parry

August 28th - ViertelFest, Bremen, performance at 11.30pm till 1am


August 7th, 9am - Johnny will perform 'Love Will Hunt You Down'. Live on the BBC London Radio On the breakfast show which starts at 9am

6th, 7th and 8th August -
_Drift Urbans Sound Series in The Old Vic Tunnels
This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (6th, 7th, 8th August) the Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra will perform three unique and one-off sets in The Old Vic Tunnels under Waterloo Station. This haunting venue is home to Kevin Spacey's musical side project and will feature a promenade experience of aural and visual treats, culminating in a set by our chamber orchestra. Each night is based on a different theme and the orchestra will perform tailored sets - the music and arrangements will change to match each evening's theme. The chamber orchestra will feature special guest ensembles city bells sax quartet and the whybirds providing the male vocal section.

The nights feature films, art and music by:

The Gin Riots
Shelly Parker & Paul Purgas
Look, Stranger
Partial Gathering

JPT on German TV (3 minutes into clip)

Photo's from Germany Tour

16th June - 5 July
Germany/Holland tour

12th June - Chamber Orchestra at Bedford Esquires
Our Chamber Orchestra will be featuring the extraordinary
City Bells sax quartet...
esquires flyer8small

28th May - Johnny does a solo performance at
Modern Art Oxford
7pm, Oxford, OX1 1BP
You Don’t Love Me Yet (2002-2010) is a travelling project for which Swedish artist Johanna Billing invites local bands and musicians to perform their own rendition of the 80s pop song. This live tour has so far been to 22 different cities. Participating in Oxford’s version of You Don’t Love Me Yet are bands ranging from experimental folk, a’cappella pop, classic rock and much more.

25th May -

Roxy Bar and Screen, 128-132 Borough High Street, London

Lost Toys Records presents Ricky Leach's new Lost Toys Edition 'Yonic Totem'

With support from
Grubby Mitts and The Juno Project
Ricky's album has been produced by Johnny
rick 9

10th April 2010 - 23rd May

Lost Toys Records Exhibition -
Wysing Arts Centre
Fox Road, Bourn
Cambridge, CB23 2TX
Presents poster
Lost Toys will exhibit a display of videos, paintings, posters and records as part of wysing art centre's exhibition presents.
The display will include pieces by Andy Holden (Grubby Mitts), Phil Root (Pyramid Pyramid), Craig Sharp (ice see dead people), Johnny Parry and Ricky Leach.
Exhibition runs from april 10th until 23rd May. open every day 12-5pm. free entry. wysing website.

On the afternoon of the opening lost toys will stage a special performance by Ricky Leach from 5pm-6pm. free entry.

March 2010 -

Saturday 20 March 2010, 14.30–15.45
Saturday 20 March 2010, 16.00–17.15

Tate Britain Performance featuring Johnny's string quartets
BP Saturdays: Going Public
Three Short Works in Time by Andy Holden
Part of an ongoing programme of pieces investigating the relationship between sculptural objects and duration, Three Short Works in Time incorporates a 16mm film, a live camera feed, spoken word, and a string quartet performing music by Johnny Parry and The Grubby Mitts, conducted by Johnny Parry.  
Andy Holden is exhibiting in the Art Now space until April the 10th.
Tate Britain  Room 9
Free, no bookings taken

February -

We have a done a cover of 'The Him' by New Order which will be included on the tribute album honoring the music of New Order entitled
CEREMONY - A New Order Tribute. Benefits of which will go to the Salford Foundation Trust's Tony Wilson Award. The double CD plus bonus disc and digital album are now available.
new order new cover

January 18th - 'God Loves Me' is included on the latest homegrown playlist.

December 29th - 'God Loves Me' is being played on Belgium's Radio Centraal, 'Moire' show, as part of 'the final cut of 2009' playlist.

December - photos by Jorinde Reijnierse from Bakkerij, Netherlands

20th December - "God Loves" will be played on Nachtclub with Paul Baskerville

December 19th - 24th -
Germany and Netherlands concerts...
songs and whipers smaller

December -
Kristian Purcell's Painting 'Piece by Piece' depicting the Chamber Orchestra at the Union Chapel...
Piece by Piece, 2009_500

December 6th
- 'God Loves Me' on BBC Radio 6
"I wondered where this music had been all my life." Tom Robinson

November -

28th November 2009 - St Giles in the Fields, London
With Tom Mckean and The Emperors & Tom Hickox
60 St Giles High Street
LONDON, London and South East WC2H 8LG

November 8th
- "God Loves me is on" RandellFever, Vocdcart: A late night Musical Adventure podcast

Image by Kenn Goodall for Bearded magazine...

October 2009 -

Brugge Stills...
brugge live still1_2
brugge live still2_1

Oct 26 -
Some clips taken from day two of the music in mind festival, Brugge.

Oct 25 -
Stanley Schitinter Picture Show -
An evening of short films Including Johnny Parry/Andy Holden Visuals, The Roxy Bar and Screen, 128-132 Borough High Street, London. 6pm. Free.

Oct 24th -
Music in Mind, Brugge, Belgium. Full Chamber Orchestra. We are pleased to announce we will be playing the Music in Mind ’Festival of Imaginative Music’, Brugge, Belgium
alongside the likes of Micheal Nyman, Talvin Singh and Johan Johansson.

Oct 20th
- Two of Johnny's string quartets will be performed as a part of Andy Holden's exhibition. Mol's place, 23 Macklin St. London.

Oct 20th - More Love & Death T-Shirts available

Oct 18th - 'Men will Hang' Visuals
have been uploaded to our youtube channel

Oct 17th - 'God Loves Me' Visuals have been uploaded to our youtube channel

Oct 1st
- Johnny will perform 'Improvised uplifting film music,' at Mark Heddon and James Welsh's performance piece...
6.30-11pm (performance commencing at 9pm). Brockley Social Club, SE4 2SU
Mark and james flyer

September 2009 -
The Chamber Orchestra...
(Left to right) Ben Milway, Merlyn Sturt, Anne Marie Kirby, Margit Van Der Swan, Carine Reis, Donna Loomans, Neil McIntyre, Chez Taylor, Roger Illingworth, Jenny Hird, Andrea Tweedale, Rosie Middleton, Johnny Parry, Dave Lynch.

New review of 'More Love & Death' by musicemmsions 4.5/5

16th Sep -
Harpur Cellar Bar, Bedford with Harriet Langley

3rd Sep - ‘More love and death’ will be on the playlist ‘Moiré’ this Thursday, Radio Centraal in Belgium.
Moiré: every Thursday from 12h. till 14h.(CET)


August 2009 -

11th -
As requested we have uploaded "A Love Song" live at Union Chapel film to our youtube channel

July 2009 -

Some new reviews of the More Love and Death...

"As Parry has proved it once more with More Love And Death, his dark and beautiful and complex world is a work of genius." Daily Vault, 2009
"Parry's poems of morbid carnality and romance are framed by heavy velvet curtains of stylized theatrical gloom." Uncut, 2009
"Overall, to imaging this, just put Tom Waits in front of A Silver Mt Zion, an opera singer is in the wings doing vocal exercises. Gravelly vocals over sometimes elegant and sometimes Kurt Weill like musicscapes, earthy imagery contrasting with polite strings, the gamekeeper is in the drawing room enjoying the ladies from behind. Sometimes though the songs are more like dream sequences ‘Kicking and Screaming’ with its spoken bookends and dividers draws the ear towards another world where opera is the opiate, I expect the Flying Dutchman to arrive at any moment and deliver me from my dream. If I was taken away and delivered to ‘Dine Alone’ it could only be to an ante-chamber to a circle of hell, sparse percussion marking each moment, tremulous vocals with a deep choral rumbling percolating up menacingly from below." Americana UK, 2009
americana UK
"Parry's lyrics are the best. Recommended. (Rating: 5++)" Baby sue, 2009
"Parry's rough voice (that inevitably recalls something of Tom Waits) is matched with the operatic soprano of Donna Loomans. The combination is unique: emotional, compelling, eerie, majestic. The quality of this album is evident in every single note." Terrascope, 2009

June 2009 -

Thursday 11th -
‘Kicking and screaming’ and 'God loves me' wil be played on ‘Moiré’ this Thursday on Radio Centraal in Belgium.

Fields and Birds and Things will be on on Radio Maribu by Lord Litter (June/July)

June 18th 2009 - Lost toys Editions No.2 by the Grubby Mitts-Released at the Slaughtered Lamb in conjunction with electroacoustic club .

May 2009
Backstage with the Chamber Orchestra...
(Left to right) Donna Loomans, Emma Louise Liddell, Andrea Tweedale, Johnny Parry, Merlyn Sturt, Margit Van Der Swan, Anne Marie Kirby, Carine Reis, Neil McIntyre, Dave Lynch, Ben Milway, Jenny Hird, Roger Illingworth

May 26th 09 -
"Men will hang" is being played tonight on BBC Radio 3's Late Junction

May 2009 -
Thanks to all who came to the Union Chapel concert. We hope you enjoyed the show!

9th of May -
Our new album, 'More Love & Death' is being launched with a concert at the spectacular Union Chapel on the 9th of May. We will be performing with a string quartet, saxophones, sopranos, trumpet and live visuals. This concert also features two other incredible acts, Soy Un Caballo (Belgium) and This Is The Kit (Paris).

To celebrate this launch we are releasing a free download single 'God Loves Me'.
You can download it as part of a free three track EP also featuring This is The Kit and Soy Un Caballo:

Or it is available through our myspace:


'More Love & Death'
New Johnny Parry Album out 4th of May 09, with a single release early April.

Dave and Johnny at the slaughtered lamb...

17th March 2009 - Lost Toys and The Electroacoustic Club Present Betty Frances at The Slaughtered Lamb
34-35 Great Sutton Street, London, EC1V 0DX, £6
Us at Lost Toys are very excited to announce the first of the Lost Toys Edition EPs by Betty Francis . Produced by Johnny Parry.
Betty will be headlining the evening with support from the Johnny Parry Trio and a opener to be confirmed soon.

Christmas Party...

Thanks all for coming and Happy New Year
left to right) Jenny Hird, Jim Bennett, Donna Loomans, Dave Lynch, Johnny Parry

December 20th 08-


To help fuel your festive cheer, this Saturday we are hosting a Lost Toys Records Christmas party. Johnny Parry Trio plus Soprano, Sax and Trumpet will open the evening around 8.30pm followed by
Show without Punch and our headliners, The Grubby Mitts.
The Luminaire
331 High Road, Kilburn
Doors 8pm

September 08-

Mark Mcgowan uses songs in his art videos.

August 31st-
Andy Holden, the artist behind all our visuals and album sleeves has had an large solo exhibition the last three months at Kunstfort, Vijfhuizen, Netherlands.
Within the exhibition is a string quartet I (Johnny), wrote which is being played in the gallery space and to celebrate the final evening of the show The Andy Holden's Grubby Mitts (of which I am the drummer) will be performing an hour show at 4pm at the gallery. Its free so if in the Benelux area do come along

June 12th 08 - Concert -

Cinema Sonique at the Slaughtered Lamb.
doors 8 p.m £5 adv/£6 on the door, we are on around 10.00 
@ The Slaughtered Lamb 
34-35 Great Sutton Street
London EC1V 0DX

See below for more details *

June 11th 08 -
"If I was a Killer' is being played tonight on BBC Radio 3's Late Junction

June -

Plans for the Band have dramatically changed, rather than recording all the EP's straight away we have descided to make album number three. We are currently working hard on said album, which we hope to have finished and printed soon after the summer. In the mean time we have one last show:

*Thursday (12th June) The Electo Acoustic Club are starting a brand new night and we have the privilege of headlining the first one:

CINEMA SONIQUE's focus will be on experimental and atmospheric music, including live performances mixed with multi-media: a feast for the eyes and ears, escaping the usual conventional and predictable formulae by celebrating music, which mixes different genres and influences, creating a mellower experience for the clubber. 

The line up includes bands:

HOTEL DE VILLE, which is the musical vehicle of vocalist Rhett Brewer and pianist Dov Waterman. Taking inspiration from 60s French pop and film noir, Brewer and Waterman blend dramatic soundscapes with down-tempo percussion;

Show Without Punch, our fellow lost toys act back from their recent european jaunt.

The Johnny Parry Trio.

And films:
NATALIE TURNER: "Sfumato" and "1"
HELEN WATKINS: "The Clearing"
LUKE LOSEY: "i" (Producer: Maverick Litchfield-Kelly) 

Also -

To prove that a small start has been accomplished on the new album here is the board in the studio with six ticks on it to represent the instruments that have been recorded on each song. Sadly we can admit there are many spaces left to fill.

21st April 08

Thanks to all who came to last nights show The Water Rats, Supporting The Retribution Gospel Choir (Low's side project)
Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.
retribution gospel choir

7th April 08

Thanks to all who came to the last two shows at the Slaughtered Lamb and The Windmil. Both nights proved to have excellent headliners, The Low Lows and Orphans and Vandals.

April 08

Interview with Johnny in the latest Dream magazine.

8 March 08

Little Prayers 9-16 recording sessions...
dave with wholeroomjohnnyatpianiwvest

6 March 08

This evening a few tracks will be played on Blue Note Radio, 209Radio, Cambridge 105FM

18 Feb 08
radio merseyside
A track with be played tonight on PMS BBC radio Merseyside

10 Feb 08

Gig at Cactus Club, Brugge, Belgium with Dez Mona...

Recent Belgium Press (Flemish)
reviews at:
Riff Raff
Da Music (live review)
Klara, Mixtuur 04.02.08
Studio Brussel, Duyster 01.02.08

28 Jan 08

'Little Prayers 1-8' Launch Concert @The Luminaire, London


Luminaire Sound Check...
left to right: Roger Illingworth, Ben Milway, Donna Loomans, Andy Holden,
Dave Lynch, James MacDowell, Johnny Parry and John Blamey.

22 Jan 08

Roger Ilingworth from Show without Punch rehearsing harmonium parts for Luminaire Concert...

Jan 08

Little Prayers 1-8 Now available. (£3.50 inc P&P)


This is part 1 of 3 (24 tracks in total).

27 Dec 07

Backing vocal sessions for Little Prayers1-8 EP...

10 Dec 07

Some more reviews of songs without a purpose:
Music Emissions
Bearded Magazine
Scene Point Blank
Dig This Real
The Mag
Dream Magazine

Nov 07

Building our Studio...